Hi, I’m Khalid.

I Bring Startup Ideas & Businesses Online Strategically And Creatively.

I work with startup founders & business owners to build complexe solutions and powerful online presence for their business by having experience in Branding, Web & App (UX/UI) Design, Development, and Copywriting to help them kick-start their business online efficiently.


Launching or Running a business is already hard enough. I make the rest easy!

As a startup founder & business owner myself, I understand precisely what it takes to get there, building your MVP, raising the next round of funding, and all types of problems & struggles… I’m here to take some of that & the rest out of your shoulders and help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Handling Tight Deadlines.

It is no joke! Finding somebody that can deliver quality work within tight deadlines is extremely hard. You can quickly get stuck in revision rounds or end up doing it all over again... when working with me, the only thing that might get in the way of hitting a deadline is how responsive you can be to provide feedback & attend critical meetings.

High-Quality Work.

Combining my years of experience doing digital, building multiple startups, helping founders worldwide and always over-delivering on my projects, I've managed not to get one single less than 5-Stars Review. The secret is my dedication to providing the best & only high-quality work to all my clients.

Creative & User Friendly UX.

As once Steve Jobs said: "Design isn't just what it looks like and feels like — design is how it works." My work process ensures creating great-looking assets that also serve a purpose & the business reaches its goals with the right MVP.

One Stop Shop.

More often than not, you'll have to hire many people to take care of each service I provide. Now It's all in one place, working with one person. I can also take the burden of hiring other people for you if needed for additional services. I know trusted people I've worked with in all different fields (Digital marketing, SEO, Video Editing, Photography...).

Project Management.

Unlike most, I use a CRM with my custom processes, a calendar for deadlines, and detailed task lists that you get access to. You can follow the progress, and it's easy to provide feedback at any time. The bottom line is with me, you get world-class project management!

Problem Solving.

I'm an engineering student, and my superpower is breaking complex problems into small, easy-to-understand pieces that are solvable within reasonable timeframes. I've had a recurring client (NDA) say to me: " Every problem sounds complex in my head until I talk to you...".


This Is How I Can Help You.

You can always, at any time, book a free call with me to discuss your project so I can suggest exactly what you might need to launch or grow your business, depending on what stage you are in.


Brand Strategy & Identity.

Make your brand stand out by showing its personality, expressing its values, and creating a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with your customers & builds client loyalty.

ux ui design

Website & Mobile App Experiences.

I design intuitive, user-centered, clean interfaces that engage, communicate clearly and connect users to your brand on a deeper level on all devices.


Copy That Also Serves.

Deep Analysis of your prospects, market, and your product & services. Niche research, craft irresistible offers, develop killing hooks & copy for landing pages, compliant ad copies, emails, and chatbots.


CMS, Web, And App Dev.

Build dynamic, clean, and fast experiences that work across all browsers & devices, from mobile to widescreens. Basics of SEO are implemented, and your website performance is optimized to the max.


Photo Retouching.

I edit your DIY photos, so it looks like you paid a pro photographer $$$ for a branding photo shoot.

Stock Photography.

I pull together high-quality stock photos 100% in line with your brand to save you hours of browsing free (subpar) images.

Motion Graphics.

I add motion to your brand, website, and to all your assets to give you an edge over your competition.

30% Off On Next Project.

When we work together, work becomes fun and easy, and this crazy thing called running an online business feels like the most normal thing in the world. Discount is for you or a refferal.


When it comes to digital, Process is King!

My process ensures creating good-looking assets that also serve a purpose in helping you achieve your business goals & meet your user’s needs. And that’s precisely what separates me from the rest.


We talk about your project in-depth, about my process and technicalities, define your project requirements and tell you what to expect in terms of timeline & cost.

Brand Strategy.

We work on positioning your brand, craft customer profiles & journeys, define vision & mission and develop a unique big idea for your brand, so it stands out.

Visual Direction.

At this stage, we explore various visual directions for your brand. Usually, we prepare 2 to 3 visual directions (moodboards | stylescapes) based on the outcome of our discovery & strategy sessions.

Logo Design.

I sketch & design a few logo concepts & explore many variations with you.

Visual Identity.

Design the rest elements of your brand: iconography, illustrations, graphic templates, print materials (if included): letterhead, business cards, banners, packaging mockups...etc.

Brand Guidelines.

I put a document on how your marketing, design, HR, and developers team should use the assets we created. You can hand it over to anybody new to your business so that everyone knows how to use your brand assets.


We talk about your project in-depth, about my process and technicalities, define your project requirements and tell you what to expect in terms of timeline & cost.


Our strategy session will clarify the purpose, find the voice, understand who's the customer, define smart goals, and outline a plan to reach them effectively through the following steps.

Information Architecture.

Define the order and size of information displayed at each point. We also look at possible layouts and structures.

Art Direction.

We define the visual language your website/app will speak, containing elements like type, color, imagery, textures and much more. We typically look at 2 to 3 different directions we might go with.


The final product structure (bones, if you will), without the influence of color, graphics, or visuals in general, helps us focus more on the website's architecture and look at how a user might navigate your website.

Visual Design (UI).

We create a more realistic version of your website/app with colours, illustrations, visuals, and graphics. We also make an interactive prototype to test the user experience before writing a single line of code.


Understand the core vitals of your business and how we can exploit some of your business's powerful aspects, your customers and what you offer them and analyse the market you're currently competing in.


We brainstorm the big marketing ideas and hooks explicitly designed to attract your target customers, define the best platforms to reach them, and craft a strategic plan to execute our marketing.


A deep study of your services, products, and top competitors to craft offers your targeted customers can't resist. We also create the perfect pricing and package plans to shoot your sales through the roof.

Copy Developement.

We look at four components (Landing pages. Emails. Ads. Chatbots) based on what we think you'll serve your business the best, and we start a collaborative process to develop the copy for them.


You're in good hands.

Throughout my years of experience, I’ve accumulated knowledge both in design & business. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies from different industries.

Google UX Design certified.

Intense 6-months training and 3 complete case studies that get reviewed and verified.

Upwork UI Design Certified.

Invite-only certification by the largest freelancing platform in the world, Upwork.

A Top Rated Freelancer.

A badge given to the top 10% of talent on Upwork.

+80 Projects Done.

All 5-Star Reviews.

how's working with me

Here's what my clients say about me.

Unlike most out there, I’m including a way for you to verify the source by clicking on the checkmark, the Client’s LinkedIn profile if you’d like to reach out to him/her and ask about his/her experience with me, and you also have a link to check the project I got that review for!

Michel Aka
Khalid brings both skill and character to all his work. His uplifts on suite have received very positive feedback from our users. Will rehire for s you sure.
Michel Aka
Michael Bauner
"Khalid provided us in a very short time a well designed website. We appreciate his skills and flexibility! He worked during Christmas and was available during holidays. We enjoyed working with him and warmly recommend him in the future. Most likely, we will continue our work with him."
Michael Bauner
"This is my 2nd job with Khalid, the guy is extremely creative and professional. Khalid was very flexible with the modifications I gave him throughout the job and he completed all tasks before the deadlines. Looking forward to working with him again."
Hesham Tarek
Michel Aka
Khalid was fast, knowledgeable, helpful but above all his design for our new site was awesome. Will work with him again for sure.
Michel Aka
Khalid designed and developed a perfect WordPress website for our company, he met all the deadlines and was extremely professional, his skills are strong and he's very creative. He exceeded our expectations with the website design and I really enjoyed working with him. Will definitely be working with him again.
Hesham Tarek
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