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About Me

Looking to create a 6-figure business?

Me, Business and Success.

Six years ago, and as a 16 years old teenager, my biggest dream at the time was to start my own business. I hated going to school despite regularly getting good grades and the idea of being on a 9-to-5 job for the rest of my life. I wanted to live my dream, not others. It wasn’t just about creating any business. No, a company that makes me wake up at 6 AM happy!

I started my journey there, and as you probably expected, I failed—many times. But failure was a friend that made me learn something new every time and forced me to accumulate knowledge I would never know about otherwise.

I have hit many milestones in my life since then. I learned a ton about starting an online business, selling services or products, doing e-commerce or dropshipping, and doing everything on the internet. Just name it, I’ve probably done it.

Using my experience, I help other businesses succeed online using my technical skills in creating websites & brands and my entrepreneurial experience doing marketing, copywriting and building businesses.



You're in good hands.

Throughout my years of experience, I’ve accumulated knowledge both in design & business. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies from different industries.

Google UX Design certified.

Intense 6-months training and 3 complete case studies that get reviewed and verified.

Upwork UI Design Certified.

Invite-only certification by the largest freelancing platform in the world, Upwork.

A Top Rated Freelancer.

A badge given to the top 10% of talent on Upwork.

+80 Projects Done.

All 5-Star Reviews.

Me, Strategy And Chess.

I got introduced to Strategy three years ago, and it changed how I do everything. It affected the way I think more as an entrepreneur than a designer. And I’ve grown to be a big fan of it, and now it’s a critical part of my life.

Strategy? in the most straightforward way, is taking a step back to think about your goals & define how exactly you will reach them. Sounds easy, right? I taught the same thing.

But it’s like chess. More depth requires more calculations. You must think at least one move ahead of your opponent to win the game. You have to take advantage of weaknesses (like your competitor’s when entering a market) and the most critical skill in all of chess, “pattern recognition”. With strategy, it translates to experience in the field.

Me, Planning, Travel And Adventure.

Although I fail at it a lot, I’m a productivity nerd and love organizing parts of my life, especially my work. I am passionate about creating custom processes to run repetitive tasks and improving them over time.

That’s why there are always calendars, timelines, phases and task listings in my work, and in my personal life, there are detailed plans like taking a cinematic-style picture at Gate of Heaven in Bali.