Print-on-demand clothing brand based on Marrakech – Morocco
with a big target market, their products are for everyone looking
to wear something special or have custom clothing made only
for them or a special occasion.

The Mission

The ILLUSTRASHIRT team mission is to Enable people to feel unique and comfortable with original and custom-designed clothes. As a member of the founders’ team, my task was to help the brand communicate that value and create a website that answers our clients’ needs.

The Outcome

A system that allows the users to go through a process that has a lot of variations and guides to ordering their custom design easily. And a brand identity that gave ILLUSTRASHIRT a prestigious and premium look.

The Impact

The website had a lot of positive feedback from its users, and the bounce rate dropped drastically. The new brand identity allowed ILLUSTRASHIRT to position itself as a premium brand and raise its prices.



Essentially our target market is people who want to have unique and premium clothes in their closet. We want to help them order custom designs based on their liking and preferences at a reasonable price.

And that’s why we wanted to take the brand to its peak in two areas. The first is to make the brand stand out and appeal to these people in the market, and the Second launch a well-designed website that provides the best experience possible and answers to the needs of those people.

Due to the competitive nature of the market. Many brands are ahead in terms of experience and existence. So far, ILLUSTRASHIRT has put all efforts into marketing but decided that it’s time to focus on the brand itself.

Brand Colors

My main focus was people’s attention and comfortability using the brand products, and mainly the goal was not to hurt people’s eyes (there you go, you learned something, welcome to my case studies). I ended up choosing these colours, which I think suited the brand ideally.

Brand Fonts

I found that such a prestigious font like Quincy-CF would suit the brand’s vibe, and it works perfectly in combination with Lato for text while Quincy grabs attention to headings.

Designing The App

Its goal was to make everything the user needs easily accessible just from the home screen and navigate through from there and replicate the custom design process in it. 

Designing The Website

The most complicated and exciting part of this project. Besides being an eCommerce website, ILLUSTRASHIRT needed a lot more customization, starting with a process that allows the users to order custom-designed items. The website must be rich visually.

Brand Identity​

Website Design​

Custom Design (App)

App Design

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